SMARTLINE - Interior Project Genius   -  Agency of Italian furniture brands

We spend “the other half of life” there,
deep in the mysterious rejuvenating realm we call sleep.
It’s a place for Love, where Life is pictured,
intimate yet on show. A place of safety and shelter for our little ones.
A space for sleep and dreams, a backdrop for tales to be told and lived,
and magical encounters with princes and princesses.
This is our mission - new objects and settings,
an original concept for the other half of life.
Where to buy in USA:

@ ABITARE USA (DCOTA, Dania Beach, FL)

@   Nella Vetrina (New York, NY)                                            

@   D&D Design Center (Brooklyn, NY)                          

@  MENZIE (Los Angeles, CA)

Bed Tirer

Headboard and footboard are wooden panels, stainless steel base sides

Bed Desdemona
Curved tufted headboard capitonne

Bed Bon Enfant

Headboard is made of 3 attached headboard panels.

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