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 : We are proudly representing one of the most respectful Italian producers on the territory of United States of America!
We are proudly representing one of the most respectful Italian producers on the territory of United States of America!
Credenza from Collection Patchwork
Credenza from Collection Patchwork
Design by Maurizio Duranti. Low sideboard made of wengè wood with 4 doors and 2 drawers veneered with cherry, maple, walnut, ebony and padouk wood. In the picture in the natural finish. More items present in the collection.
Credenza from Collection Sipario
Credenza from Collection Sipario
Sideboard made of cherry wood with 1 sliding door made of different wood types, open space with adjustable shelves and 3 drawers made of walnut wood. In the picture in natural finish. Design Centro Ricerche MAAM. More items present in the collection.
Credenza from Collection Zero
Credenza from Collection Zero
Zero Sideboard with three doors with porthole and adjustable internal shelves. In the picture in the natural finish, F. Naturale. Design Centro Ricerche MAAM. More items present in the collection.
Sofa from Collection '900
Sofa from Collection '900
Sofa with wooden frame and upholstered in circular design. In the picture in the Mahogany Finish, F.Mo. Design by Centro Ricerche MAAM. More items present in the collection.
Chair from Collection Malibu'
Chair from Collection Malibu'
chair made of walnut wood with upholstered back and seat . Here presented in the natural finish. Design by Centro Ricerche MAAM. More items present in the collection.
Composition Modulo Zero
Composition Modulo Zero
composition of 4 elements on base frame composed of 1 base elements with 3 drawers and 3 top elements with 3 doors. Here in the natural and mahogany finish. Design Centro Ricerche MAAM. Wide range of modular options are available.
The furniture culture
In the second half of the 20th century in the South of Verona, Aldo Morelato founded his “Casa Rossa”, artisan workshop of the original core of the present company. Aldo Morelato imposes his competence and professionalism as a reference for a production as complex as refined for what is called style furniture.
Today the Morelato furniture expresses the experience and passion , which over generations have brought this production to the industrial synthesis of traditional production techniques performed by a highly skilled workforce.
From the workshop which performed carvings and inlays the company has become an internationally well-known firm able to communicate also in a contemporary and minimalist style.
The construction of style furniture requires a careful study of the models, an attentive design, and selection of materials and a construction as for a piece of art. This is the characteristic which distinguishes the Morelato company.
A balance between continuity and innovation, able to consider the suggestions and necessities of contemporary life, the company’s new identity is especially expressed in the project field. Distinctive products with a strong identity are produced thanks to the co-operation of a team of architects and designers of international fame with master cabinet makers able to make prestigious high quality furniture. 
Art and technical achievements found in Morelato a complete synthesis. For the furniture first class quality solid wood is selected. The internal structure is made of wood lists or plywood in order to give the panels stability over time. The drying cycle of the materials is based on a procedure able to guarantee a perfect internal stability. The assembly is still based on crafts skills to ensure endurance. Morelato still prefers demanding processing technique to the common industrial methods of cabinet making, hallmark of high quality and a guarantee for long- term furnishing. At the end of a long and careful production process Morelato places e brand mark as a Warranty Certificate on the furniture testifying the conformity.
UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company.

The Aldo Morelato Foundation

The “Aldo Morelato Foundation” has its seat at Villa Dionisi and is a nonprofit private organization. The Foundation was founded with the aim to create a structure dedicated to research and innovation and special efforts are made to enhance the heritage of traditional craftsmanship. An ambitious project with numerous initiatives open to inspiration and suggestions able to construct the link between historical memory and contemporary proposals.
The Outlook on Applied Art in the furniture field together with the International Furniture Design Contest for designers, students of academies and universities as well as for professionals are the most representative initiatives of the Aldo Morelato Foundation.

The Museum of the Applied Art in the Furniture field

The Museum for Applied Art in the Furniture field with its precious collection of contemporary design furniture is open to the public.
The Museum founded by the Aldo Morelato Foundation at its seat has a collection of experimental, unique pieces of design applied to the furniture field.The prototypes executed testify over 20 years of research and technical innovation in the use of materials and are stylistically and technically linked to the centuries old production tradition of the area, recalling the style of furniture of the twentieth century with historical recoveries and references to the Art Deco, Rationalism and the Liberty period.


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