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         Since 1949 Meneghini combines creativity, research and innovation in the manufacture crafts of furniture of high quality. The company has grown through two generations, refining its technical skills and developing unique stylistic capabilities.
We are motivated by the idea of association design and tradition. 
Meneghini's goal is to find an emotion through the creation of objects, where our passion for details and a careful evaluation of personal needs and desires of each customer create a selected number of unique products.

@   Nella Vetrina (New York, NY)                                            

@   D&D Design Center (Brooklyn, NY)                          

@ Bath&Kitchen Boutique (Wynwood, Miami, FL)

Meneghini’s “ICE-CHEST”, commonly known as the “cold storage unit”, is a first-rate furniture complement made with highquality materials. It comes in an extensive range of finishes and colours, features a solid wood carcass, and has chromed or brushed natural brass handles and hinges.
Its design fits in seamlessly with any kind of furnishings (classic, modern or rustic) and the wide choice of sizes and models means you will have no problem finding room for it The inside of the “ice-chest” can be easily tailored to your desires, fitting it with your preferred choice of fridge and freezer, double fridge/freezer in the two-door models, or internal fittings to produce a larder unit.

There are additional models with special features: ice-chests optional sink, different feet and handles and the “mini-icechest”, which is much smaller, making it suitable for offices or hotel rooms.

The allure of the sea and the pursuit of functionality were the inspiration behind this furniture complement brimming with personality. The “Cambúsa” is an exclusive unit that blends seamlessly with any interior, making
a prestigious and refined addition. It comes in two- or three-door versions, with or without porthole, and is built with high-quality materials.
There is also a virtually endless range of finishes and colours to choose from. Handles and hinges can be produced in raw brass (polished), stainless chromed brass or aged brass. Its internal layout is highly versatile, meaning it can be fully customized, depending on size, to accommodate any combination of appliances and fitted larders.

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